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Now this is what I call a very special Library Journal moment!

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Um did you guys know Rupert Grint can SING?

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"Which came first, the phoenix or the flame?" 

"…I think the answer is that a circle has no beginning." 

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Teaser trailer for The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies!


First teaser trailer for Mockingjay Part 1!



Feel like getting out of town? Check out these road trip books! 

In Honor by Jessi Kirby

Reunited by Hilary Weisman Graham

Back When You Were Easier to Love by Emily Wing Smith

Finding Somewhere Joseph Monniger

Take Me There by Carolee Dee

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green

Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Perfect Escape by Jennifer Brown

Going Bovine by Libba Bray

Zig Zag by Ellen Wittlinger

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"Oh, no, I’d love to go with you as friends!” said Luna, beaming as he had never seen her beam before. “Nobody’s ever asked me to a party before, as a friend! Is that why you dyed your eyebrow, for the party? Should I do mine too?"


Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

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  • Question: If i want to get to better understand the whole sailor moon universe, where should i start? I know there's many variations of the manga out, and i'd like to know your recommendation as to where I should go to do that. I was thinking of reading the new manga, (the same one that adapts Sailor V as a separate manga.) The only Sailor moon manga i own is the MIXX pocket editions and i only have books 2-3.. :( Thanks for your help!! - artofcmacd
  • Answer:



    First of all, I wanted to welcome you to our humble abode known as the Dark Kingdom. I see our brainwashing tactics has served us well!

    Okay, seriously though, glad to have recruited a new moonie to our wonderful Sailor Moon universe! Beginning with the manga (in my opinion) is the best place to start - just as you’ve asked. 

    There actually aren’t as many variations of the manga out as you think (unless you live in Japan and can read Japanese). The original English releases by Mixx went out of print ages ago (you can find them on ebay, etc), and a few years ago, Kodansha was able to pick up the Sailor Moon manga (which includes the first ever English translation of the Codename: Sailor V manga as well - a pretty huge deal might I add). You can purchase these volumes pretty much anywhere that sells manga. If you plan to get a bunch at a time, I suggest purchasing from Amazon since the prices are usually cheaper, and if you pass $35 you’ll receive free shipping! (I also suggest Kodansha’s box sets which might save you some cash.) You can also purchase the manga at your local bookstore, comic shops, etc. (Even Walmart carries them!)

    I will forewarn you, the Kodansha translations are not the greatest (there’s quite a few hiccups), but if you want a solid, hardcopy, those are definitely the best way to go. I will also suggest Miss Dream’s Sailor Moon scanlations. They’re really wonderful, and if you’re okay with reading via a screen, that’s a really great option as well!

    I started watching Sailor Moon on US television back in ‘95, and it wasn’t long before I wanted more. I was really fortunate that my local library actually carried Mixx’s release of the Sailor Moon manga (as well as Cardcaptor Sakura and a few others). Now, most libraries carry Kodansha’s release of the manga, and if they don’t, you can always suggest it to your librarian and she/he will order it for you. This is a great option for a number of reasons.

    1. You get to read a hardcopy, and you don’t have to pay!
    2. If your library doesn’t carry the manga, having your library order it will UNDOUBTEDLY cause other people to pick it up and become fans as well! 

    So basically, in my own experience of Sailor Moon, I started with the first season of the 90s anime, and then transitioned over the to manga. So I actually completed the manga before the outers were introduced in the anime. (I actually didn’t realize that until very recently.)


    Regarding the Codename: Sailor V manga - Naoko Takeuchi actually began Codename: Sailor V prior to Sailor Moon; however, she didn’t finish it until after she started Sailor Moon. You’re welcome to read Sailor V before you begin reading the Sailor Moon manga; however, toward the end of Sailor V, there are moments you will appreciate more after reading the first arc of the Sailor Moon manga. So what I suggest is maybe reading a couple acts from Sailor V, and then complete the first arc (Dark Kingdom) of the Sailor Moon manga. Then return to Sailor V and finish it off. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I really think you’ll appreciate it more. 

    Overall and by far, I prefer the Sailor Moon manga to the 90s anime. Don’t get me wrong, I love and adore the 90s anime to death. I just prefer the manga because it’s a lot more mature than the anime. The relationships are more mature, the characters mature as the manga progresses, it moves along relatively quickly (since the anime is loaded with filler), Mamoru is amazing/loving/supportive/caring and not a jerk… You can really breeze through the manga - unlike the anime which is 200 episodes long. If you’re interested in the 90s anime, you watch Viz Media’s legal and new sub airing on Hulu/Neon Alley for free. If you’re afraid to get into the anime after reading through the manga, at least watch the movies. Honestly, I prefer the films to the actual 90s anime!


    I hope that helps! Great question, and I hope this helps other moonies as well who haven’t read the manga and/or seen the original anime and have started watching Sailor Moon Crystal (which follows the manga unlike the 90s anime which greatly veered from the manga’s plot)!

    Follow me on twitter for constant Sailor Moon updates @CodenameSailorB.

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